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Concrete crusher hire in Oxfordshire

Dedicated to demolition solutions

Skip-Rite stands out as one of the few operators nationwide equipped with a Nordmann K-750 mobile crusher, providing your team with swift and cost-effective concrete disposal solutions. Offering greater mobility than traditional winched machines and significantly higher productivity than mini or micro crushers, this option is ideal for contractors and demolition specialists seeking concrete crusher hire in Oxfordshire. 

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K-750 from Chris Colton on Vimeo.

Building waste disposal services

Our concrete crusher hire always includes a dedicated operator, ensuring machine reliability and allowing your workforce to focus on other essential tasks. Operating at a rate of 40-50 tonnes per hour, the mobile crusher efficiently turns demolition waste into usable aggregate, typically loading or unloading within 5 minutes. For concrete crusher hire in Oxfordshire, email us today.


  Mobile Nordmann K-750 Jaw Crusher specifications


Up to 500mm concrete, asphalt, tarmac, brick and building rubble.


Between 45mm and 75mm aggregate, depending on speed requirements.



40-50 tons per hour, depending on size and consistency of input.

Fuel consumption

6-7 litres of diesel per hour (40-50 litres per day).



Jaw crusher in operation on website


Transform building waste into usable aggregate

The Nordmann K-750 mobile crusher can be used to convert rubble, typically costing around £30 per tonne for removal, into aggregate valued by building contractors at approximately £35 per tonne (with the added convenience of them handling the pickup!). Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of hauling demolition material and disposing of concrete, as we offer a solution that saves your business both time and expense.




The Skip-Rite advantage

In contrast to the common practice of hiring mini and micro crushers and running them at full-day rates claimed by manufacturers, Skip-Rite advocates for a more efficient approach. This proactive strategy avoids unnecessary wear on machinery, reducing running and rental costs from the hire business. Opting for the mobile Nordmann K-750 proves to be a faster and more efficient alternative.

Having the right machinery on-site accelerates the transformation of waste rubble into aggregate, and hiring both the operator and machinery together ensures a more efficient, reliable operation with overall lower costs. Backed by extensive building site experience and an outstanding reputation for providing mobile concrete crusher hire in Oxfordshire, Skip-Rite offers a solution that aligns with your business needs.

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Health & Safety

  • Fully licensed to operate from the Local Authority
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS)
  • Public Liability Insurance certification

All these documents can be supplied on request by the relevant parties.


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