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Concrete disposal

Helping to efficiently clear your building site

The Nordmann K-750 mobile crusher delivers superior crushing performance, capable of processing up to 500mm of rock, concrete, and brick at an impressive rate of 40-50 tons per hour. Easily transported on a hook loader, the machine can be operational within 5 minutes of unloading. Equipped with an on-board diesel electric generator, the Nordmann K-750 is not only a powerful but also fuel-efficient tool for concrete disposal, consuming between 40 and 50 litres of diesel fuel per day.





Options for concrete crushing

The jaw spacing is adjustable, allowing you to achieve a finished crush tailored to your specifications, ranging from 45mm to 75mm, enabling you to choose efficiency or quality for your aggregate production needs. The crushing machine can also be loaded with an excavator from 5 tonne up to 20 tonne or alternatively with a loading shovel, for effective waste concrete disposal.

The main benefits of this crusher are:

  • Its compact size and gives the ability to be used on crowded, busy work sites, and it can be placed and removed quickly for efficient concrete recycling.
  • The machine also has an integral magnet which removes any unwanted metal, enabling that to be recycled if necessary.
  • With clean suitable hardcore a crushing rate of £3 per tonne with an output of 300 – 350 tonnes per day is realistically achievable – please contact us for a quote.

Hire Prices

The daily hire rate for the crusher includes delivery and collection to and from your site, an operator to optimise production (the crusher is not available for hire without the operator). Fuel is to be supplied by the hirer or charged to the hirer per litre. The average fuel consumption is 40 - 45 litres per day. Please contact Andrew Scaife for a day rate for concrete disposal.


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Health & Safety

This crusher has a licence to operate from the Local Authority, a copy of which is available on request. We can also supply Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS), and Public Liability Insurance certification if required.



Save concrete disposal costs

With costs in all sectors rising, finding ways to save money in the demolition industry is becoming more and more important. With the usage of the Nordmann K-750 mobile crusher, you can turn rubble that may cost £30 per tonne to dispose of, into aggregate that other contractors pay around £35 per tonne for (and will pick it up for you). Instead of wasting time hauling material and disposing of concrete, we can save your business operation thousands.





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