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Concrete disposal across Southern England

Based in Ludgershall near Andover, we cover across the South of England, between Kent and Cornwall, and up into the Midlands providing concrete recycling services that are consistent, reliable and effective for the demolition industry.












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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hiring a mobile concrete crusher?

The Nordmann K-750 is much more mobile than conventional winched-in machines and significantly more productive than mini or micro crushers. This allows demolition contractors to clear large amounts of building waste quickly and economically.

What are the economic benefits?

In almost any building or demolition project, this option is the cheapest per tonne. There's no disruption to the building site when the crusher is winched in – it can be dropped off with a standard-size lorry and grab. It also works much more quickly than a mini or micro crusher.

What speed does the crusher operate at?

The Nordmann K-750 operates at 40-50 tons per hour, depending on size and consistency of input. While the manufacturer, and some other operators claim higher speeds, we have found these speeds are of long-term detriment to the reliability of the machine. The rate is also affected by the weather, with damp rubble taking longer to crush.

What is the input and output?

The crusher takes up to 500mm pieces of concrete, asphalt, tarmac, brick and building rubble. It will convert this to aggregate between 45mm and 75mm depending on your requirements.



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